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Glowing Skin for the Summer and Cheer Season

It's Spring Time! And this is the perfect season to start building your bronzed base layers. Read on for our tips on achieving safe, sun-kissed skin.

  1. Wax your hair out and keep your skin moisturized.

Before grabbing your spray tanner, make sure to wax to avoid patches and lines. After removing your hair, apply a moisturizer for healthy skin. Our local favorites are Sweet Cheeks on Main St. Salmon, ID and Aveno Baby Eczema Moisturizer. YES! The baby aisle has this miracle skin care that is far more effective and far less expensive than many of the high end spa specialty shops.

  1. Exfoliation is the key!

Remove all the dead skin cells and dirt on your skin before doing a self-tan. This will help you get perfect tanned skin. It boosts hydration, prevents breakout-causing bacteria, and enhances the product's performance that you apply to your skin. We recommend Buzz Peal, by Posh for an all natural exfoliation.

  1. Use a tanning mitt when applying your own tanning oil or lotion, and do it in circular motions.

Using your own hands when doing a self-tanner can result in orange palms. To avoid that, make sure to use a tanning mitt. Put the right amount of tanner on the bottom half of the tanning mitt to control the application as you use it. When applying the tanner to your body, use a circular motion technique to perfect an even tan and prevent any patchiness. We recommend Mine.Tan.Body.Skin to be fully set on your tan prep, with or without the help of natural rays.

  1. Don't over tan your face.

Apply a dime amount of self-tanner on your face and focus on the areas like your forehead, cheeks, chin, and the bridge of your nose because these are the most noticeable features. Blend the tanning oil or lotion using your fingers for easier application. Just make sure to rinse it right away to prevent your fingers from absorbing the orange color.

  1. Ensure that the tanning oil or lotion is dry before rinsing it with water.

Patience is the key! Make sure that you don't shower, do an activity that makes you sweat, or apply any moisture on your body so that the tanning product can fully dry. If you encounter any issue, you can use a lemon to resolve it. Simply rub a lemon on the specific area for a minute or two, then dry it with a towel.

Now, you’re ready to let that bronzed skin out and shine all season long! For a long-lasting tan, use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, and never neglect your skincare routine. This will not only help you to keep your tan but also helps you to have healthy and glowing skin. Remember that the best outfit you can wear during springtime is your smile and a tan.

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