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Top 5 Reasons Why Victory Cheer Uniforms Provides Fabric Samples

Every cheer uniform is special and bringing this creative idea to life is a product of months of planning, designing, fabric sampling and sizing. To deliver a stunning result, every detail matters. Especially in choosing the right fabric and checking its shade. When ordering your cheer uniform online, it is important to check the materials that are being used. We want our expectations to match reality. And we are here to help you achieve that reality. Dig in to this blog to answer the big question on why you should request for fabric samples.

First things first, let’s be familiar with the fabrics that are used for cheerleading uniforms. These are traditional high poly content - heavy weight fabric, poly/ spandex blend - stretch fabrics, and various specialty fabrics (like mesh, sequins, and stretch fit metallic). It is essential to select the right fabric for your team. We want to make sure that the finished garment matches your pre-order expectations. The best way to ensure this is to order a fabric sample to know the weight, texture and shade.

1. Fabric’s weight

Each type of fabric has its own weight, and it is important to think about the weight of your uniform fabric, as it can affect your cheer performance. A fabric’s weight is listed in grams per square meter (gsm), and you can check out this link and click on the “View Fabrics” section to check out the weight of each.

2. Fabric’s actual color/shade

Your fabric color’s expectation should match its reality. A picture of the fabric can actually be different than it appears in person, especially in natural and direct sunlight. Getting a fabric sample is a must-have to make sure that you have the accurate shade (based on your team’s logo or team color).

3. Fabric’s content and construction

Every fabric consists of different types of material. Some fabrics are poly/ spandex blend, mesh, stretchable fabrics and more. To make sure that your fabric matches your uniform style, you will need to check its content.

4. Fabric’s flexibility

A fabric's flexibility or stretch is a type of cloth which has the ability to stretch. Since we are dealing with cheer uniforms, it is important to test how flexible your chosen fabric is. It must be parallel to the motion and flexibility demands of your cheerleaders.

5. Fabric’s quality

When you check the actual fabric material that is being used with your uniform, you can confirm if it will create a high quality product. According to How to Check Fabric Quality by Dempsey uniform and linen supply, ( Everything from the durability of the garments to how they look depends on the integrity of that fabric.

We are here for your cheer uniform needs, and to help you decide what’s best for your team. Let’s make sure together that you get the right fabric and make a hit at your uniform reveal!

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin

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