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*Important* Please review AFT Color Guide for ribbon examples.

7" Bow, 5" Tails. 

Note: 1277 and 1310 come with an option to add custom rhinesones to the right tail. Call or email us to set up your own custom rhinestone design. The price above does include the cost of your custom rhinestone. Be aware that custom rhinestone designs can take up to three weeks for production.

Product IDs are listed in the same order as pictures:

1277 - Two-Tone Two-Layer Glitz with Custom Classic Rhinestone   8.5

1310- Two Tone Glitz with Crown and Custom Classic Rhinestones on Right Tail 12

1275- Two Tone Glitz Bow with Custom Glitter Mascot and Rhinestone Wrap 11

1203- Two Tone Glitz/Glitz with Rhinestone Mesh Wrap  7.50

1094- Two Tone Glitz/ Any Ribbon with Rhinestone Mesh Wrap  9 

1052 - Two-Tone Two-Layer Glitz with Classic Rhinestone Outline 7.25

Min. 6 piece order. 

2 Week Production

2 Toned, 2 Layer Glitz w/ Rhinestones 7 Layouts

  • Due to the customization level of this bow, please contact us to order: 1888-551-2227
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