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-Cheer Packages


Want to Substitute an Item? No Problem. Contact Us to Trade Out.

Due to highly customized options, please contact us to place all Custom, Sublimation and All Star Cheer Pack orders. 

1-888-551-2227 .


DEFINING THE LETTERING - Layer Colors & Layouts

Top Layer Example

Top Layer Example

Top Layer of color when adding lettering. This is also known as the foreground color. Blue represents the top layer color in this image.

Outline Layer Example

Outline Layer Example

The outline layer of color is beneath the top layer of color. In a 2 color design, it is the outlining color. In a 3 color design, this is also known as the middle color. Gray represents the outline layer in this image.

2nd Outline Layer Example

2nd Outline Layer Example

The 2nd outline layer color is at the very bottom of the lettering design. In a 3 color design, this is also known as the outer most color. Black represents the 2nd outline layer in this image.

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Save big on the complete look when you order a Bows & Toes Pack. These include your cheer uniform, free lettering, large bow, body basics, socks, tumbling shoes, a cheer bag and pom poms.

Custom body liners can add a hot look and keep you warm. These can be found in the All Star Collection.


For a complete competition look, the All Star Nfinity Cheer Pack includes:

 custom cheer top, bottom, competition bow, Nfinity Duffle and Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoes. 


Custom cheer and all star uniforms are perfect when you have 6-8 weeks between building your cheer squad and the first event. This is typically for middle school, high school and competition cheerleading.

When ordering for Recreation Cheer, Pop Warner and Upward Cheerleading uniforms, you often need a lower price point custom uniform, fast. For this, we recommend customizing a sublimation cheer uniform packs (3-10 days) or browsing through the stock uniform packs (next day). 


Feel free to contact us with assistance on custom design and recommendations on the perfect look to fit your cheerleading team! 1-888-551-2227


Cheerleading Uniform Package Deals

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