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Unlimited Team Gear. 

One E-Store.


Free Art Mock Ups

Free E-Store Design and Launch


Up To 75% of All Team Profits Go Back to Your Organization. 

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Why should my organization open a Team Store?

With a Team Store, athletes, parents and fans can view all products they will be using for the season. In addition to the gear they will be wearing on the field, ie cheerleading uniforms, bows, poms, shoes, warm ups, ect. they can view fan gear already personalized with your team logo and lettering. Its easier for team shopping, plus your school or gym earns from cash every product sold. 

Items sold in Team Stores include, but are not limited to:

Cheerleading Uniforms, Body Wear, Warm Ups, Camp Wear, Cheer Bows, Cheer Poms, Spirit Poms, Cheer Shoes, Megaphones, Team Logo Bags, T-Shirts, Sweaters, Blankets, Temporary Team Tattoos, Water Bottles, Stickers, Thunder Sticks, Trophies, Ornaments, Team Picture Frames, Foam Fingers. The list goes on as far as your imagination takes you. 

Is there a limit on Team Store earnings?

There is no limit to how much your team can earn. A percentage of post manufacturing profits are issued in a check, once per month to the main billing address on the organization's account. Post manufacturing profits are the net profits after all manufacturing costs. Uniforms, warm ups and traditional cheer gear qualify at 10%. All spirit gear and fan wear qualify at 50%. Team Store administrators can adjust the final slaes costs of each item in their store. Final sales prices can not be lowered. If an item's price is adjusted, the organization will receive 75% of the of the added sales price in a fundraising check.

How does my team get credit for items sold?

Upon launching your team store, you will be given a public web link to access all merchandise.

Post this link to your team page so that your team members can easily access all team gear from your site.

You can also provide this via email or social media to your team members and fans. 

Every product sold from this link will be connected to your team account.

Victory Cheer Uniforms Team Store must link from the original team website to receive credit for purchases.

If it is not linked, orders will still ship to main address on account, but fundraising credits will not apply.

If highly customized items are unable to be purchased online, please contact us to order. 1-888-551-2227.

We will link the order to your Team Store account number. Credit will still be applied in this situation.

You will be notified every time a sale is made and issued a total sales report at the end of each month with sales activity.

SELLING OFFLINE: If you wish to sell items in your pro-shop or by catalog fundraising, please contact us for marketing supplies. All funds will be collected by your organization. At the end of your fundraiser, or each active sales month, please contact us to place a team order. 

We did not purchase cheer uniforms from VCU this year. Do we still qualify?

If you ordered your cheer uniforms from a different supplier this year, that's okay. We can still personalize fan wear and spirit gear to post in your Team Store. You can always edit the items sold, so next year, we can add the uniforms to your page. This will give the whole team a head start on what they can expect their practice wear, game day and competition cheer uniforms to look like. 

What is the Set Up Process?

To set up your Team Store account and web page, please contact us at:

1-888-551-2227 or 

Please have any art work and or lettering you would like on team spirit wear prepared. 

Tell us the items that you would like to be displayed in your store. 

Once our design department has personalized all items to your team logo/ lettering, they will be added to your store link and ready for purchase. 

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