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Bling Bomb 5924.png


Fully Custom Competition and All Star Cheer Uniforms made in 4-6 weeks with NO sticker shock. MOQ 10 Sets.

Please add approximately 2 weeks for bling bomb production.

  • Any Top + Free Lettering+ Skirt/ Short $149 

  • See Decoration Pricing >>

  • Bling Bomb Uni-  Any All Star Cheer Set with Unlimited Rhinestones  $249



2023 All Star Accessory Pack- Bonus Garment Bag.png
  • Any Style Bling Bomb competition cheer uniform

  • Glitz Pro Back Pack

  • Any Style Competition Cheer Bow

  • VCU Competition Cheer Shoes (Dragon or Dove)

  • VCU Garment Bag

MSRP: $425
Save $50/ Athlete!


Full Out All Star Pack (1200 × 630 px).png


+custom jacket with 1 rhinestone applique placement

+ custom practice set w/ 1 rhinestone applique placement

MSRP $629
Save $154/ athlete!

Crop 822713 - SKIRT 103420

Top 151147 Skirt 151147-2

Crop 515134 Skirt 515134-2

Crop 515237 Skirt 515237-2 

TOP 3201 - SKIRT 8424

TOP 3411 - SKORT 838

TOP 8247 - CAPRIS 1614

TOP 8233 - SHORTS 7994

CROP TOP 8228 - SKIRT 8448.png
TOP 3923 - SKORT 7103.png

TOP 3923 - SKORT 7103

CROP TOP 8228 - SKIRT 8448

TOP 3422 - SHORTS 7998.png
Top 8239 - Skort 8250-01.jpg

TOP 3422 - SHORTS 7998

TOP 8239 - SKORT 8250

TOP 3881 - SKIRT 7260.png

TOP 3881 - SKIRT 7260

TOP 112321 - SKIRT 112

TOP BF9017 - BSKB1713

TOP 8017 - SHORT SH190.png

TOP 8017 - SHORT SH190


TOP 103320 - SKIRT 103420

TOP 011521 - SKIRT 011621

Top/ Skirt 1612814704156

TOP 035420 - SKIRT 035520

TOP 101920 - SKIRT 102020

TOP 010721 - SHORTS 010821

Leo 822710 - Skirt 822710

TOP 112020 - SKIRT 112120

TOP 093820 - SKIRT 093920

TOP 71721 - SKIRT 71721


Top 104720 Skirt 104820.png

TOP 104720 - SKIRT 104820

Leo 822713 - Skirt 822713

TOP 110721 - SKIRT 110821

Top 104920 Skirt 105020.png

TOP 104920 - SKIRT 105020

TOP 71521 - SKIRT 71521

TOP 105021 - SKIRT 105121

Top 120820 Skirt 120920.png
Top 111320 Skirt 111420.png

TOP 111320 - SKIRT 111420

TOP 1235 - SKIRT 1236

TOP 105820 - SKIRT 105920

TOP 111020 - SKIRT 111120

Top 103220 Skirt 103320.png
Top 103020 Skirt 103120.png

TOP 103220 - SKIRT 103320

TOP 103020 - SKIRT 103120

TOP 115520 - SKIRT 115620

TOP 095720- SKIRT 095820

TOP 105120 - SKIRT 105220

Request a FREE Art Mock Up

Thanks! Art Mock Ups are returned with a formal quote within 2-3 business days.

Limit 2 free styles. Additional styles are $10/ mock up - credited to final order.

Upload Sketch/ Custom Logo Files

Not sure of the style number, color or embellishment?

Review Design Options HERE

  Cheerleading FIT KIT & Measurement GuideLines:

Every season, it seams at least a few cheerleaders on your team have a skirt too short, too long or maybe a top that's a little too tight. To ensure the best fit, we highly recommend ordering a free* Fit Right Kit. Each kit comes with one of each size in your desired style. All fit kits are subject to a $350 refundable deposit.  Apply the fit kit deposit to your final order, or receive a complete refund once the kit is returned in-tact. Order your team's kit and never worry about post order size adjustments or exchange hassles again.


If you are unable to obtain a fit kit, please follow the measurement guidelines coordinating with your uniform style. If you are unsure of the size chart, contact us to request a sizing chart specific to the style you are ordering. Not all uniforms size the same. Please follow product specific sizing charts and measurement guidelines when determining the sizes needed. Measurement to size conversions and size quantity tallies are the customer's responsibility

All Star Cheerleading Uniforms



You've built your team and practiced the routine in your sleep. Its time to find the uniform worthy of your hard work and team spirit to make a lasting impression on the judges and the competition.

At Victory Cheer Uniforms, we offer the hottest All Star Cheer Designs every season. Top quality competitive cheerleading uniforms at a competitive price.

The style selection, quality and price point at Victory Cheer Uniforms can’t be beat. 

Mix up the cheer fashion floor with lace, mesh, shimmer, shine, patterns, and a design that screams, '1st Place!'


Here you will find a wide range of stretch fit, moisture wicking all star cheerleading tops, skirts, skorts, shorts and leggings. Sizing runs from toddler to adult 2XL.

If your size isn't on our chart, submit your measurements and we'll customize a size at no extra charge. Need to alter length. No problem and no charge. 

Add a matching men’s cheer uniform for free when ordering for the whole team*. See promos page for details.


Save big on the complete look when you order an  All Star Accessory Pack ($375)

Includes any style bling bomb competition uniform, Glitz Pro back Pack, any style competition cheer bow, VCU competition cheer shoes (Dragon or Dove) and VCU Garment Bags. 

These uniforms are perfect when you have 4-6 weeks between measuring your competition cheerleading team and the event. Production is 4-6 weeks. Shipping is 5-7 days. Rush shipping is not available on custom cheer uniforms.


Feel free to contact us with assistance on custom design and recommendations on the perfect look to fit your cheerleading team! 



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