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Size charts are specific to a uniform style
Do not base sizes on any other company or assumed street sizes. 
$10/ Pattern Alteration. Custom alterations available: 
Sleeve length + or - 1-2 inches, Torso length + or - 1-2 inches, Skirt/ Shorts + or - 1-2 inches


How To Measure for a Cheer Uniform
Measurements are garment measurements. To ensure a proper fit, please use a fit kit. Check out our fit kit post on tips for sizing day >>

Cheer Uniforms/ Campwear

Warm Ups

How to Measure

                                              For the BEST fit, order a *free Fit Kit

  • A) Girth: Measure from the center of the shoulder, down the front, through the legs, and up the back to the staring point on the opposite shoulder. 

  • B) Bust/ Chest: With arms down, measure around the fullest part of the chest. 

  • C) Waist: Measure around the body at the natural waist. *Note waist measurements are at the smallest part of the waist. When you bend side to side, the crease line is the waist line.

  • D) Hips: Measure around the body at the fullest part of the seat.

  • E) Back Length: Measure from the most prominent bone at base of neck to the natural waistline. 

  • F) Skirt Length: Measure from natural waistline to desired skirt length.

  • G) Dress Length: Measure from the most prominent bone at the base of the neck to desired dress length.

Ordering a FIT KIT:

Ordering a FIT KIT
Get a fit kit image.jpg

Every season, it seams at least a few cheerleaders on your team have a skirt too short, too long or maybe a top that's a little too tight. To ensure the best fit, we highly recommend ordering a free* Fit Kit. Each sizing set comes with one of each size in your desired style. All fit kits are subject to a refundable deposit.  Apply your kit deposit to your final order, or receive a complete refund once the kit is returned in good condition. Custom and decorated garments are final sale. VCU is not held liable for alterations or replacements for sizes ordered incorrectly due to mis-measurements. Garment construction tolerance is 2cm.


If you are unable to obtain a fit kit, please follow the measurement guidelines specific to your garment.

Measurement to size conversions and size quantity tallies are the customer's responsibility.

My team will try on sizing samples. Please have a rep reach out :)


Submitting Your Sizes:

  • Please follow product specific sizing charts and measurement guidelines when determining the sizes needed.

  • A fit kit is highly recommended. 

  • Measurement to size conversions and size quantity tallies are the customer's responsibility.

  • Record the tallies of each size needed on a spreadsheet and submit to your rep.

  • An example spread sheet can be viewed here- SAMPLE CHEER UNIFORM ORDERING ROSTER.

  • Notate any adjustments that are needed. 



1. Plan for 30 feet of table space. If your regular practice area does not offer this, a local gym or library is a great alternative.

2. Plan to have at least 1-2 extra helpers. Passing out sizes, making sure sizes get put back in the right stack, giving opinions on the fit, ect. Extra help makes the process smoother, but keep 1 dedicated person for recording the sizes.

3. Arrive at least 45 minutes early to set up your size stacks.

4. Make a stack for each size.

5. Keep in mind, the gowing room that may be needed in the chest and waist throughout the season. It's always safer to go up a size if you are unsure.

6. Cheer uniforms run small. Do you not be surprised if your typical street size is not what you are needing in your cheern uniform. Do not order order based on street sizes. Always get a fit kit and try on each piece to be safe.

6. If you are missing a size in your kit use the process of elimination method. I am missing a YM in the kit, but we have the YL and YS. YL is too big. YS is too small. If no YM is available to ship or time does not allow for a resizing, then order the YM

7. Be sure to confirm youth or adult with parents when they tell you 'a small fits her.'

8. Make sure to confirm, as you are entering the size, garment by garment with parents which size they want for each piece. Having a large screen or paper, so that you can be sure of the name row and garment column during recording is helpful to avoid mixing up athletes or garment categories.

9. Take a rug or blanket for shoes. Once a shoe touches the hard floor, it picks up dirt. Make sure athletes wash their hands and use clean socks when trying on the shoes to ensure the fitting kit is kept in prestine condition for the next team.

10. Order your size kit early to avoid wait lists. Send the fit kit back within 14 days, as other teams on the wait list will need this to safely order their uniforms in time for their games as well.

Victory Cheer Uniforms is always happy to help guide you through your sizing process. Please reach out to us to order your fit kit today. Refundable deposits are just $99. Fit kit shipping fees are based on the quantity of your order.

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