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Cheerleading: Then and Now. What has changed?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

When we hear the word “Cheerleading”, the typical words that come to mind are routine, stunt, jump, and tumble. We also can’t help but notice their beautiful outfits. Cheer uniforms play a vital role in the cheer industry. Why? The answer is simple— it displays your team’s edge from the others. Uniforms embody your attitude, charisma, and spirit while not sacrificing your modesty and flexibility. Every detail of the uniform is significant as it reflects your team's pride.

Back in the 1900s, cheerleading uniforms were simple. They mainly emphasize the school spirit each department represents. The usual layout has the school's initials sewn onto a sweater-type garment. While it is a great way to show your school pride, the sweater top is bulky which makes it impossible to move and perform any athletic activity.

That’s why in the 1960s, short-sleeve, crew-neck sweaters in favor of long cardigans with the school emblem were produced. Bulky skirts were replaced with pleated, shorter skirts and were matched with sandals. These helped the cheerleaders to move freely compared to the previous style. Back in the '70s, their uniforms evolved into more athletic-wise materials. Uniforms did not have any drastic changes back in the '80s and '90s, but a lot changed when the industry hit the 2000s.

In modern times, skirts became shorter. A variety of uniform designs became available, such as fitted sweaters, shell tops, plaid patterns, and more pleats. The sandals were also replaced by tennis shoes to make stunts and dance routines easier to perform.

Routines evolved from mild performances to creative stunts, complex dance steps, and intricate tumbles. To properly execute these, polyester and spandex were used for their fabrics. The cheer industry also introduced new materials such as metallic spandex and animal-print textiles.

Spandex and polyester materials are still used in competitive cheerleading. Aside from that, the designs of the uniforms were more creative. Adding rhinestones and using dye-sublimated fabrics became a popular trend.

While creativity is important in customizing uniforms, modesty plays a crucial part as well. Uniform protocols are imposed depending on each category and level. In general, uniforms must not be sexually provocative and should be secured to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Skirts should be at waist-length, covering the entire frontal area of the body, and cheer briefs must be worn underneath. The manufacturer's trademark or logo should not exceed 2-1/4 square inches.

If you are aiming for a uniform that has that “Wow!” factor and doesn’t sacrifice modesty and flexibility, we got you covered! Victory Cheer Uniforms offers a variety of uniform styles that has a flexible fabric materials with brilliant designs.

But wait— there’s more! Since we are talking about uniform decency, we fully support competition rules and we have a wide selection of uniforms that were made for your comfort and modesty. Stay stunning and fabulous without violating the proper uniform guidelines!

Worried about your uniform fit and needed some adjustments? We adjust uniform patterns for tops, skirts, and shorts for a low-cost deal. If you prefer a uniform design with a cropped uniform top but your organization doesn't allow it, here's a good treat for you! We can convert it to a full-length length top, with no additional charges. VCU's trademark or logo is also under 1.5" x 1.5''. which meets the allowed size.

The cheerleading industry is certainly growing and is better than ever! It's exciting to see its evolution from routines, performance, rules, uniforms, props, and half-time entertainments. The industry has flourished and now has its popularity with the general masses. Cheerleading is now recognized as a respected sport. The support, teamwork, leadership, and spirit that each cheerleader embodies are constant. Cheerleading is not just an athletic skill or sport, it is a positive attitude!

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