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Finding The Perfect Pair Of Cheer Shoes

According to the Better Health Channel, proper footwear can help keep your feet healthy and make physical activity more accessible. It also helps your body to be safe from any form of injury. Choosing the right shoes is a must, especially when you are a cheerleader. You definitely want to perform your best during the competition, right? We are here to help you find your perfect pair through these guidelines.

Things that you need to consider when choosing your cheer shoes.

Style and Features.

The first thing we usually look for when buying shoes is style. We also have to consider if there's a specific shoe requirement that your coach sets before a purchase. Aside from the style of the shoes, you also need to check its features like arch and heel support that distributes the pressure on the heel and ball of the feet. It provides support by filling in the gaps in your arches to add balance and stability to your body while performing. The heel cup is also one of the features that you might want to check. Heel cups in footwear stabilize the foot by aligning your feet with the ankle, knee, and hips.

Fit and weight of the shoes.

Aside from style, one of the common things that we check on particular footwear is the proper fit and weight. Being familiar with your feet is necessary because you don't want to take home a pair that is too tight or too loose as it can cause injury and pain. For the weight of the shoes, you must consider the stunts and movements in your routine.


For every product we purchase, we consider the amount and if it is worth the price. The cost of the pair of cheer shoes varies depending on their style, features, brand, and quality. If you are considering a budget, you can check out cheer packages that include a cheer shoe or try a product with the same features as the known brands. It has a valuable price without sacrificing quality and comfort.


When choosing a pair of cheer shoes, you must consider their comfort. After a long day of practice, you don't want to go home treating a sore foot. Choose a shoe with good cushioning that can adequately absorb a shock for a suitable landing after your routine. Remember that choosing the proper footwear will provide a good posture and help you ace your performance.


We all want durable shoes and use them for a long time. Before making a purchase, remember the stunts and if your chosen footwear can be reliable. It has to be flexible and lightweight so that you don't have to worry about it holding you back.

As an athlete, finding the perfect pair of shoes can be challenging, but you don't have to worry about it, as we have cheerleading shoes that check out everything on this list.

VCU Diamond Doves

Our ultralight VCU Diamond Dove competition cheer shoes will bring the bling all the way to the tip of your toe touch. It has a 1-way flex arch for premium stability in tumbling and stunt control. It has a mesh upper for lightweight breathability and has a contoured arch and heel support.

VCU Dragon

Our ultralight VCU Dragon competition cheer shoes are the best option to match your uniform. It has a stylish black color that you can use with the flawless tumbling and stunt support you need on the mat. Like the VCU Diamond Dove, it has also a 1-way flex arch for premium stability in tumbling and stunt control, and has a mesh upper for lightweight breathability and a contoured arch and heel support.

VCU Sidezone

You found your match if you are a sideline cheerleader and want extra comfort with lightweight durability. You'll be hooked on and off the field when you put them on. It features a 360-degree compression inner to hug and secure and high quality, breathable synthetic leather outer for easy cleaning. It has a flex comfort ankle and tongue for a perfect fit. Best part? It has a fantastic arch and heel support.

We hope that this helps you find the right pair. If you have any questions or need help choosing the perfect VCU shoes for you and your team, let us help you. Send us a message, or leave a comment.

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