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Travel Tips to be Cheer Competition Ready!

The season we are all waiting for is here! You’ve practiced to hit 0, your team is rock solid and your cheer uniforms are dazzling! It's time to hit the mat, wow the judges and win that bid! It's competition cheer season!

Not only are you representing yourself, but you are also embodying your gym, your school, and your team spirit. In all of the excitement, it's easy to forget the little things. It’s time to gear up and prep update the checklist with some travel tips and essentials for travel competitions. Not sure where to start? We got you!

  1. Pack What You Need!

Making sure you have your cheerleading essentials is important. Creating a thorough list of things you need to bring with you is a good habit. To prevent wrinkles and dirt from your uniform, a garment bag will save the day! For your hair accessories such as cheer bows, hairpins, hairsprays, and hair ties, store them in one pouch so they're easy to find. If you need to carry some documents with you, make sure to put it in a ziplock or a secure envelope to avoid any unnecessary folds. Are you the type of person who gets carsick? Are you afraid that stomachaches will hinder you from performing? Pack some medicine for emergency medical situations and you will be alright! Don't forget to wear a mask, and bring your alcohol or sanitizer. It's cheer season, and we all want to be safe from Covid-19.

2. Pack Extras!

When an emergency pops up, it’s always good to be ready! Packing extra shirts, cheer bows, socks, and accessories will help you focus and worry less about misplacing your stuff during the competition. Boy scouts aren’t the only ones who always need to stay ready— cheerleaders too! We don’t get ready, we stay ready!

3. Get Enough Sleep!

It's really hard to sleep when you're excited. You worked really hard on your routine and this is your time to shine! It's hard to stop imagining how the crowd will go wild when they see your team perform. Save your energy and get enough sleep! You don't want to feel exhausted during the competition. Low stamina comes with overworking yourself. Need help sleeping? Try listening to a calming sleep playlist set to 432 hz. Try to stay away from caffeine and sugary drinks before the competition as they will cause you to crash. A fully-rested body before any athletic event will help calm your nerves and you'll perform ten times better!

4. Be On Time and Follow Your Schedule.

Arriving late to your meeting place when you're about to travel 4 to 6 hours is a big no-no! I mean, who wants to be the talk of the town when you arrive an hour late? Being on time is a sign of respect to your teammates, directors, and coaches. It also shows your discipline as an athlete. Manage your time wisely. To be safe, show up at least 5 to 10 minutes early before your call time. Any competition sets a detailed schedule of the event. Make sure that you follow the timetable to avoid any negative impression on your group.

5. Be Open in Meeting New People

The bond we create with our teammates during practice is something that we hold close to our hearts, but let's face it, attending cheer events is a great way to meet new people from other teams! You'll learn from their stories and they will learn from yours. Don't be afraid to expand your social circle! You might come from different teams and you might be competing for the same title, but you share the same love for cheerleading!

6. Enjoy the Competition Experience!

The experience we get from cheer competitions is thrilling. Travelling outside your city with your teammates to compete is a different kind of bonding. The point of competition is to showcase your talents and skills as a cheer team, but other than that, it is a way for athletes to have fun! Having an awesome time with your team cannot be measured by any amount of points!

A cheer competition is not just about winning. It doesn't always mean placing first. Sometimes, it's about what you learn throughout the experience. You develop a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie with different types of people. Attending these events will help you to know yourself even more. You'll discover strengths and weaknesses you never thought you had. In winning, you get to celebrate with your friends, but in losing, you also learn where you need to improve. It's basically a win-win situation either way!

We wish you an injured-free cheer season, and may you have a spectacular performance!

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