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3D Designs and Concepts in Custom Garment Industry

First impressions last! That is why visual design is important to slay and steal the heart of the audiences in the custom garment marketplace. Undoubtedly, technology and software development gives us a perfect solution to nail attention and interest. This is through three-dimensional design or known as 3D composition!

Victory Cheer Uniforms strives to evolve and serve you better than ever! This year, we offer 3D art concepts for you to visualize graphic designs and to view amazing uniforms from all angles in great detail! Scroll down to learn more about VCU's marvelous 3D uniform designs!

What does the 3D art design concept in garments mean?


We may hear 3D concepts as a new design trend or you may hear it used in movies, video games, and architecture illustrations; but what does it mean when it is adapted into garments? 3D modeling is a technique used to represent the digital surface of a garment. It allows designers to create fascinating concepts that are beyond traditional. The structure of the garments is based on dimensions via specialized software that allows you to explore the garment in detail (with heights, width, and depth).

What is the importance and benefits of using 3D models in custom garments?


There is more to 3D concepts than what meets the eye. 3D concepts expand the idea of the traditional design. 3D concepts expand the idea of the traditional 2D design, it allows you to see the concept through realistic digital art. The use of 3D avatars ensures good quality of the product without disappointment and frustration about its size and fit. It helps to visualize what a garment will look like and how it fits on different body shapes. The details of the garment such as text, lines, accessories, and texture can be viewed from different angles and perspectives. It also offers styles and patterns quickly and efficiently, making your custom garment stand out.

3D design concepts by Victory Cheer Uniforms


Victory Cheer Uniforms takes it to the next level in terms of its eye-catching designs! The uniform designs are rendered through special software that automatically simulates 3D garments with a variety of selection that will surely be perfect for your team. Be amazed at the stunning designs below:

As human beings, we are wired to appreciate comfort and aesthetics. A huge thanks to technology for its positive impact on the garment industry! It offers interesting changes and opportunities like 3D composition which is a great help in strategic design planning.

Got questions about the process and how to request a 3D mock-up? We got answers! Visit our website to get assistance!

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