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How to Properly Wash Your Cheerleading Uniforms

Your cheer uniform represents your team and athleticism. That is why, taking care of cheer uniforms is part of the discipline. To look sharp and move comfortably, a durable and high performance uniform is a must. Dive into this blog to have mastery in taking care of your cheerleading uniforms.


1. Before and after your routine, place your uniform in a protective garment bag to avoid fabric snags and unnecessary crumples. It also helps to preserve uniform designs, like crystal rhinestone placements.

2. After your spectacular performance, remove your uniform if possible, to avoid any unwanted stains and odor.

3. Check the buttons and zipper of your garment before the laundry. Apply a quick stitch if required before any loose threads get too far ahead of you.

4. Separate uniforms according to their color and material.

5. Hand wash your cheer uniforms gently in cold water and use a mild detergent. If your uniform has a vibrant color, use a color-safe bleach or an oxygen-based all-fabric bleach.

6. If your uniform has a stain, make sure to treat and clean it first before totally washing your uniform to avoid leaking the stain to the other parts.

7. Make sure that you rinse the garment thoroughly, and hang to dry.

8. Store your uniform in a safe and dry location. Make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

9. If your uniform has a tag sewn inside for fabric care, make sure to follow the instructions provided.


1. Do not soak your uniform in water and detergent for a long time.

2. Do not machine wash.

3. If your uniform has rhinestone placements, do not wring it hard.

4. If your uniform is a Stretch Fit Uniform, do not let it contact rough surfaces such as rough concrete, carrying textured items, chunky glitter accessories (especially for nylon blends and lightweight sublimation cheer uniforms). Stretch Fit Uniform material is more motion friendly than traditional stiff polyester uniform, but with a spandex blend, it comes out with more delicate fibers.

5. Do not dry-clean your uniform. It causes the uniform material to stiffen, fade and bubble. It also takes on a yellowish hue, which is very noticeable.

6. Do not put your uniform in a washing machine dryer. This can cause the pleats to round out and leave bubbles from the machine's heat.

7. Do not use an iron that has a high heat setting for extended periods of time. It can leave discolored marks. If your uniform has obvious wrinkles, you can use a steamer instead because the heat is not as extreme as the iron power.

8. When your uniform is new, make sure to not use warm water as the color may bleed.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, but if you accidentally stain your uniform and need help with some home remedies you’ve come to the perfect blog for help. Here are some recommendations and tips if you do have a stained cheer uniform.

1. Wash the part of the uniform that has stains with cold water and detergent. If it still won't come off, soak it in water, detergent, and a cup of baking soda for at least 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the size of the stain.

2. Use a soft bristle brush to help you wash off the stain.

3. If the stain doesn’t come off during the first wash, you can wash it again and replace the water.

Here are some products that we recommend for you to use in taking care of your cheer uniforms.

Shout Color Catcher Sheets

It is colorfast washable and works in all water temperatures. Helps prevent dye transfer and color runs to maintain the original colors of clothes. You can get it through Amazon or by simply checking this link out

Carbona Color Run Remover

It brings your clothes to its original color and stains will come out perfectly without fading the material. It’s also a perfect item to score through Amazon or the link below.

If you are looking for proven and tested recommendations, a facebook group named “Best Cheer Craft Moms' 'sends their advice when they encounter these inevitable cheer uniform emergencies.

1. Getting lipstick out of a white uniform doesn’t have to be a hassle. A cheer mom shared her holy grail of stain lifters. Prepare a 2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and half cup of water plus a half teaspoon of Dawn dish soap. Put it in a squeeze bottle and apply it on the lipstick stain. Lightly scrub the area and rinse it with hot water.

2. Another tip in removing lipstick stains is using a tide pen that is available in your grocery and convenience store. It is a portable, instant stain remover that has a powerful cleaning solution and since it has a removing pen, it is easy to apply to small stains.

3. For oily stains, another proud cheer mom advises the use of hairspray. Saturate the grease stain with hairspray with a paper towel underneath the garment to avoid spread and let it sit for about 30 minutes. It will help to remove the oily stain before washing the uniform with soap and water.

Taking care of your uniform is a great responsibility as an athlete, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. These tips and tricks will guide you to be the master of stain removal. We, Victory Cheer Uniforms, pride ourselves on making your perfect uniform come to life, and we also want to help you take care of it, so you can enjoy every stunt and routine. We make your uniforms durable and breathable, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Not only that, but we also got your back for your cheerleading needs!

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