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How to Raise The Team Spirit Virtually!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

New normal changed a lot of things with our routine. As a cheerleader, one thing will never change, the connection and support that you have with one another. Nothing beats the TEAM SPIRIT! Not even the pandemic! Why not bring that cheer spirit and show that support online? Here are some ideas to send good vibes and how to reconnect with your team virtually!

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1. Online Sweat Session!

As an athlete, your body condition is important. You need to keep your body moving to keep your endurance and flexibility. Want to make it fun? Invite your friends from school, teammates, teachers, and coaches to join your online physical exercise program. Match it with groovy music and encourage your teammates to share their stretching techniques or routines that your friends and teachers can also do on their own. That way, you’ll stay fit and healthy while having a great interaction.

2. Snack Time with the Team!

One of the things that keep people together is good food! Enjoying good food with a good company is better! You can order the same meals from the same shop. They say that food tastes better when you eat it with friends - this time, you’ll share these moments virtually.

3. Quarantine Birthday Surprise!

List your coach and teammates' birthdays. Plan a group video call and surprise them by singing "Happy Birthday"! You might not be able to celebrate with them face to face, but they would really appreciate the gesture and the fact you remembered their special day.

4. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast!

Teachers are one of the modern-day heroes. They continue to work and teach students no matter what’s going on with the world. As a thank you for their hard work and sacrifices, you can collect any amount from your classmates or schoolmates then send your teacher a heartwarming breakfast. They deserve to be appreciated for everything that they are doing.

5. Show your School Pride through a Short Video

Quarantine can’t stop us from raising our school spirit! Cheer your heart out by vocalizing your school chant then upload it on your social media account. Don’t forget to use your school’s hashtag so that your other team and schoolmates can create their own version.

6. Have a QuaranTHEME Day!

Keep your connection with the team by having a theme day. Superhero theme? Have everyone wear superhero costumes or shirts! Relieve your memories together by wearing your cheer uniforms. The possibilities are endless!. Take a photo and share it with your friends. #OOTD

7. Raising Your School Pride through a Rap Challenge

Bring the beat in! You and your team can create a mini rap verse showing your school pride and support. You can upload it to your social media account to boost the school community. It will inspire your schoolmates and help them cope up with the current situation. Aside from cheerleading, you might also discover your talent in dropping some sick bars!

8. Create a trending video challenge with your team!

There are tons of platforms where you can make videos with your friends. One of those is TikTok. You can create a team chant or a simple TikTok dance that your teammates can follow. There are some trending challenges that you can recreate like “Glow Up” challenges. Take a video of your normal, quarantine get-up and transform into your cheerleading outfit and makeup. You can also compile your videos and upload them to your social media accounts!

9. Enjoy Game Time with your Team!

Developing a strong foundation is important within a team. Having a game time with your teammates and coaches can create great bonding moments and can develop your relationship and communication. You can have trivia games, online charades, and tons of other virtual games. You’ll discover a different side of them while having fun!

10. Design your Team Uniform

While we look forward to the upcoming cheer season, you can play things out with your team by exchanging ideas about your next team uniform. You can talk about how you want to incorporate your school pride and attitude through your design. This will be a great bonding experience with a significant design outcome. Why? Everything about the uniform is your combined idea!

11. Do-It-Yourself Cheer Banner!

Keep that fire burning and spark your thoughts by designing your cheer banner! The materials can be found inside your home. You just need paper and some art materials. It can be any design that you want! Encourage your school community to keep the light and good vibes during this time. Your simple gesture can make a difference!

12. Cheer Bow Making

Aside from creating your own cheer banner, you can also make cheer bows you can use during your games! Your coaches can send you the material or you can order them from your end. Once everybody receives their items, plan the perfect date to bond with your teammates by doing your own cheer bows virtually. This will be a nice approach to improve the communication of the team, and to build up your creativity!

13. Online Karaoke Party!

Sing your heart out and release your stress by having an online karaoke party with your teammates, friends, and coaches. One of the greatest app that you can use to stay connected with your friends is “Rave”. This application allows you to sing with your friends through Youtube and other mediums. All you have to do is to share them the link to your room and they'd be able to join. You can also try the Online Karaoke Player app available in the App and Google Play Store. It will be like a Zoom meeting party but with a screen sharing broadcast for you to sing with your friends.

Everyone has something that they are struggling with especially through tough times like this. The world needs a little glimpse of faith and hope. You can take this opportunity to give hope to your school community and cheer them up in your own pretty little way! Take advantage of the technology by trying these innovative ways to stay connected and boost your team spirit! As the old saying goes, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain”. We are all hoping for a better tomorrow. For now, let us dance to this rain and lift each other up!

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