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Let’s face it, you can wear a mask during your athletic activity!

With so much going on with the pandemic crisis, one thing is certain; we are adjusting to the new normal and it can be really challenging. The new normal starts with your safety, that is why a face mask is essential no matter where you’re headed. Yes! Even if you are going to run or about to perform any athletic activity. Prevention is better than cure, right?

As an athlete, one of your goals is to keep your body conditioned, but protecting yourself from COVID-19 should be your top priority! I know what you’re thinking: “Is it safe to exercise with a mask on?”. The answer is yes! It is absolutely safe with a face mask on. Keep your routine light or moderate. Try to avoid anything extreme as you will feel exhausted right away. Don’t worry! Your body will adapt to the changes when you start exercising.

Since a mask covers your nose and mouth, it will decrease the flow of oxygen into your lungs that is why it isn’t advisable for people who suffer cardiovascular or respiratory conditions. You might also notice a difference in your breathing pattern because of limited ventilation. This is where self-awareness takes place. Observe your body and listen to what it says. Does your chest feel tight? Are you feeling light-headed? Don’t push yourself too much and compromise your immune system. Overworking yourself might result in breathing issues and impaired fitness levels and we don’t want that! Take a break. It won’t hurt to slow down a little.

Wearing a face mask while working out can really be a bother especially if you are not used to it. It can also trigger irritability. I get it, you’re sweating, plus the face mask is getting in the way to your breathing. Total disaster, right? That is why choosing the right face mask is important. It’s like choosing the right exercise buddy. You have to ask yourself some questions to see if you have the right mask. Is it breathable? Are you comfortable with its materials? Is it washable? Is it a proper fit for you?

Victory Cheer Uniforms got you covered! We are offering customized and reusable masks to keep you protected! With breathable cloth and materials made for your comfort, it'll be a perfect exercise accessory. Design your very own face mask to show your personal style! Scroll down to see some of the available designs in 3D!

The price starts at $12.99 and it varies depending on the design that you want. Coordinate with your VCU representative and get yours now!

Running and exercising is good for your body, but it is better to be safe. As an athlete, training is a part of your routine. You can now exercise smarter and safer while sporting your own face mask. Our current situation changes as we observe the new normal, but our mind and body were made to push through ever-shifting events. This year challenged us in so many ways, but it won’t stop us from achieving our goals while staying safe!

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