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Understanding Cheer Uniform’s Sizing Tolerance

Sizing is one of the most exciting parts in ordering your new cheer uniforms. It also plays a vital role in cheerleading, as the proper fit of your uniform helps you to execute your routines and dance steps appropriately. Sizing is also one of the crucial parts in ordering your garments. That is why we are here to help you understand what garment tolerance is and why it matters in customized cheer uniforms. It will definitely be a great guidance before you place your orders. Without further ado, let us now dive into this article!

What is Tech Pack and Garment Tolerance?

Before discussing garment tolerance. Let us have a quick understanding of what tech pack means. Tech Pack is short for Technical Package. It is the blueprint of your garment or cheer uniform. It talks about the conceptual design, and the technical details all lead up to creating the finished product. Tech Pack usually consists of your garment sketch, size specification, tolerance, materials, trims, artwork, colors, and construction information. It is the key to your customized uniform coming to life.

There are several things in the sewing and construction process that can cause a small variance in the final garment measurements. One of the most important factors in the tech pack is tolerance. Does it ring a bell? If not, we got you covered! According to Merriam-Webster, tolerance is defined as the allowable deviation from a standard. Now, when we speak of garment tolerance, it is defined as the plus-or-minus measurement that’s being used to determine whether a product meets a specified quality standard. Getting the specific size and being perfect in customized garments is impossible. With sizing tolerance, as long as the measurements fall within the set of tolerance, the garment still meets the quality guidelines. Beyond any doubt, having a great fit and stunning sideline or competition cheer uniform is an essential, that is why we prepare sizing and quality guidelines that will help you understand how we create your uniforms before its big reveal.


We truly value design and quality, that is why we prepare sizing guidelines for you and your team. When you order a uniform with us, we send you a uniform graphic design and once we have your approval, we work on your sizing. There's a personalized spec sheet that has been prepared for you and your team, and there will be a specific size and measurement for each athlete. To ensure the fit, we highly recommend getting a fit kit. Our fit kits are subject to a refundable deposit that you can apply to your final order, or you can also receive a check.

With your fabric quality, we have free fabric samples available that you can request to our account managers. These will definitely help you to guarantee the classification and standard of the fabric and also look over the color.

If you are in a time crunch or getting a fit kit is not an option, no need to worry as we have a detailed size chart that you can use. This is where tolerance plays its part. Our garment construction tolerance is at 2 cm. This means that when your uniform has a plus-or-minus measurement of 2 cm, it still falls within the quality standard. Before sending your spec sheet to production, we will ask you to review your sizes and once we have your final confirmation, it will be sent to production.

Understanding cheer measurements and following the sizing guide before purchasing your uniform doesn’t have to be stressful. We can assure you that our account managers will guide you with every step and concerns that you have. If you have questions, we got answers! We want to make sure that you have a hassle-free custom-made cheer uniform experience with us, and we are happy to be of your service.

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